Price Hike Paragraph


Price hike means the increase of price of daily goods and commodities (পন্যদ্রব্য). In our country the event of price hike has become a usual phenomenon now. From food products to many other necessaries are found in exchange of high price. In the brunt of price hike our people at present say that in the market fire is burning pauselessly (অবিরামভাবে). Oil price, electric and gas bill. vehicle rent all these are going out of the reach of common people. Due to the defect of govt mechanism frequent inflation (মুদ্রাস্ফীতি) occurs in the country. Some hoarders (মজুতদার) are storing goods illegally, leading figures are going to the dogs for corruption and the result is going towards the price hike. n proportion to intlation price hike 1s more acute in our country as there are lots of dishonest businessmen in Our courntry. They sometimes spray rumOur in the air regarding the coming budget of the country and increase the market price. Income of our commoners does not Suit the price hike even in the least. So most people of our land cannot make both ends meet for the reinless (লাগামহীন) market price. For this, price hike should be thwarted to maintain a paralleled phase in nation and society.


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