Friendship Paragraph


Friendship means close relationship between two persons. Friendship is very important in one’s life. One can make friendship with someone by sharing the joys and sorrows with him. In friendship one tries to help another in every possible way. A man makes friends by sincere and cordial behaviour with others. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Close relationship grows by sincere behaviour. One can make friends with others by exercising good dealings, sincerity, love, co-operation and fellow feelings with others. He always stands by his friend in weal and woe. The life of a friendless man is miserable. He turns into unsocial one gradually. None comes to him for help and co-operation. He suffers a lot for becoming unfriendly. There is social value of friendship. A social man always shares his joys and sorrows of his friend. A real friend in a society stays with his friend, not only in his good days, but also ir his evil days. Hazrat Ali (R) says, “The man who has no friend is poor indeed”. Social value of friendship is immense. A man can retain his friendship by standing with his friend in time of need. By behaving well with a friend and helping him in adversity one can retain friendship. The importance of friendship in human life is immense and without it 1life becomes barren and painful.



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