Write a report on “The impact of Facebook on young generation’.


Facebook: A curse to the Young Generation

Staf Reporter, 24 May 2017: Facebook is the most popular and most largely used social networking service with over one billion active users. It expands relationship amorng people around the world. At present its network has expanded all over the world. Its merits in the field of friends-making. connecting people, chatting. job-seeking and business expanding cannot be denied. People of all classes are sharing their ideas, state of their mind, status of their present conditions through Facebook. Besides, they are maintaining close relationship among friends, classmates and other relatives. But today though Facebook is giving entertainment to student-users and helping them know’ one another, it has now become a curse for the young generation. Students are spending much of their valuable time in Facebook neglecting their studies. Consequently, they are failing to do well in exam. Sometimes, privacy is being hampered in using Facebook. At this, social instability is increasing. Many girls and ladies are committing suicide for not maintaining privacy strictly. Besides, many are being deceived through Facebook. A long-term impact of Facebook on young generation can make their future spoiled. So, government and the authorities concerned should look into the matter and take etfective steps to ensure privacy strictly in using Facebook as the demerits of Facebook in derailing teenagers cannot be denied. People of all avenues of life should come forward so that this blessing does not turn into a curse.


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