Write a report for your newspaper on “Food Adulteration” which has become a burning issue.


Food Adulteration is rampant across the country

Akash Abdullah Staff reporter, Dhaka, 10 April 2017 : A high profile mobile team of Food Ministry seized a huge amount of adulterated food items from Karwan Bazar yesterday. The foods include milk powder, wheat, edible oil, powder spices, fish, meat, etc. A first class Magistrate led the  mobile team.

Rescuing adulterated foods has been a regular matter nowadays, The whole country is now in the threat of adulterated food. Some dishonest businessmen are engaged in this heinous crime to make huge amount of money overnight.
Toxic chemicals, garments dyes and mostly formalin are being used in food items to preserve more days. As a result, public health is being threatened. And taking these foods, many people are attacked with incurable diseases.
We have laws, law and order forces, but still this heinous crime is on the rise at an alarming rate. The public expect that govt. have to take effective moves and implement laws strictly to root out this crime.


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