Title: Grasp all, lose all…


There lived a poor farmer in a village. He had a goose. It was a wonderful goose. Because the goose laid golden eggs. The man sold the eggs in the market. He was very happy with the goose. But the farmer became very greedy. He thought that the stomach of the goose was full of eggs. He wanted to become rich over night. So he hit upon a plan to cut the belly of the goose. He told his wife to cut the belly of the goose. But his wife was not greedy. She was a wise woman. She forbade her husband to do so. But he paid no need to her. At last he cut the belly of the goose. He found no eggs in the stomach. The goose died. The farmer was very shocked. For his greed, he lost the onderful goose forever. This was the punishment of his greed.


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