Title: Failure us the pillar of success…


Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. He loved his country. His men and the freedom of the country. The people of his country also loved him. Once the English attacked his kingdom with a large number of soldiers. Robert Bruce fought bravely. But the enemy killed many of his soldiers. At bum last he was defeated. Robert Bruce wanted to free his country. He fought many battles but the English were much stronger. So his soldiers fled away to save their lives. Being defeated six times, Bruce lost his hope. He went
into a forest. He took shelter in a cave there. One day he was lying in his cave. He was thinking about his fate. Suddenly he noticed a spider. The spider was trying to reach the roof but failed. At its 7″ attempt, it succeeded in reaching the top. This encouraged Bruce very much. He again gathered his soldiers in order to fight against the English. He fought bravely and defeated them. At last he secured the freedom of Scotland.


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