The Wonders of Modern Science- Composition


Science is perhaps the most conquering and most powerful force of the world. It has been doing wonders one after another. Science has made man’s life considerable luxurious, comfortable and full of variety and riches.

Science has invented many quick means of communication. Telephone, telex, fax, Telegram, satellite, mobile phone etc. Are the great wonders of modern science. Now, message is sent from on corner of the world to another in the Twinkle of an eye. Radio, television m, mobile phone , fax, internet, newspaper, magazines, etc. are also the means of communication.

In the field of medical service , science has shown a lot of Magic. It has given eyes to the blind , Leg to the lemes and hearing to the deaf. The diseases which were incurable in the past are now easily cured. The invention of X-Ray , ultra-sonography , ECG etc are now helping the physicians to diagnose diseases and cure them effectively.The technology of Science and the scientific tools like tractors , pumping machine etc have brought about a Revolutionary change in the field of agriculture. Science has helped to increase the production of foods , crops , fruits etc.

With the invention of printing press science has rapidly spread education among the people of the world. The instruments and mens of recreation are too many to count. Cinema , television , radio , VCR tape record ,VCD etc. are giving us a lot of relax and mental refreshment though songs , dances , dramas etc. Palaces , haug Complex , Towers , bridges etc.are being built in most amazing though the technology of science. The train, bus , lanuch , steamer, cars etc. are the quick means for transportation. Aeroplane carries us from one corner of the world to another within a very short time.Science has given us comforts when we are in our house. We get electric light by pressing the switch on. We preserve meat , fish , vegetables in the freeze and eat when we like. We have televisions , computers , tab recorders etc. To entertain us. We sleep in comfort because the fans of air cooler are always at our service.

Space exploration and space travel is the most wonderful thing now for the scientists. Man landed on moon , sent Rockets to Mars and Hopes from human migration to the planets. Science is not an unmixed blessing for us. The incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still a nightmare to us. Dangerous weapons , hydrogen bomb , atom bomb etc. are the evil forces to destroy the world.

Science gave deadly weapon in the hands of man. It is man who can use science either is good way or in bad way. We appreciate the uses of Science and hate the curses of abuse.


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