Rohingya Refugees Paragraph


Rohingya Refugee problems are now a burning question for Bangladesh. Rohingya refugees are the people of Arakan State of Myanmar who have been banished forcibly by the Burmese Army. So far about 800000 and 30,000 rohingya Refugees have taken shelter in Bangladesh since the atrocities begin. They have been forcibly compelled to leave their own abode in Myanmar by Myanmar Army with the direction of Sung San Suu Kyi and her accomplish army general Minn Ong Hayang. In the name of religion this two criminals have taken Resort to terrorism. The Army of Myanmar has killed numerous rohingya people brutally and they have destroyed their houses by setting those on fire. Many people have been shot, butchered and killed by setting them on fire. The army created Great terror among the innocent rohingya people. In order to save their lives rohingya started to come to our country. And the flow of the rohingya people coming here has not yet stopped. Aung San Suu kyi in her speech has declared that the rohingya people are terrorist and they belong to Bangladesh, not to Myanmar. By uttering such in human words she has shown herself to be a liar. These people have been living in Rakhine in Myanmar for centuries and they are not terrorists. However this great number of rohingya refugees is an additional pressure for a small developing country like Bangladesh. Still the prime minister of Bangladesh like a great humanitarian, has given them shelter and is providing them with food, medicine and other necessary things. Still the refuses are leading a very miserable life. They are not getting food, water, medicine etc. Adequately. They have no comfortable living place at Cox’s Bazar area. Apart from this, she is trying her best to rehabilitate these refugees by attracting the attention of the international organisation like the UN, OIC and the greatest leaders of the world. Sheikh Hasina has already put up her five points demands to the UNGA so that these innocent, helpless refuses can go back to their own abode in Myanmar. The UN as well as other international organisations have to create great pressure upon Myanmar so that they stop this racial genocide and agree to rehabilitate the refugees. And thus their problems can be solved.


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