Drug Addiction Paragraph


Drug addiction is a curse of modern civilization. It has now become a serious problem of our society. When a person finds pleasure in talking drugs , we call it drug addiction. An addicted person finds pleasure only for a very short time but it badly affect his body and mind. Gradually he feels Drowsy, lose appetite and becomes weak. Drugs also damage the brain and all internal function of the body. Obviously , drug addiction is now a global problem. The social cancer has spread its poisonous claws all over the world. Frustration on is on of the Causes of this addiction. Unemployment problem political violence, lack of family ties, lack of love , affection etc. give rise to frustration. Again drug addiction gives rise to social crimes. When the addicted cannot afford to buy drugs, they commit many kids of social crimes like hijacking, looting , plundering, killing , kidnapping , robbery etc. However, this curse should not be allowed to go unchecked. We must get rid of the social cancer at any cost. Mass media can play a vital Role in this respect. Seminars, discussion and debate should be held in schools, college and Universities. Law enforcing agencies should be held strict to arrest the drug dealers.


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