Bangabandhu Satellite Paragraph

Bangabandhu Satellite

Bangladesh satellite-1 is the country’s first geostationary communication satellite. It has been successfully launched by Falcon 9 rocket on 11th May 2018 from Florida USA. The 3.7 tone satellite, built by the Thales alenia space, a France based satellite company, was supposed to be launched in December 2017. But due to unfavourable weather and technical reason, the date has been delayed in several times. A ground station has been built to control the satellite at Gazipur. A backup ground station has also been built at Rangamat . After launching the satellite, Bangladesh has become the 57th country who has satellite in the space. The cost of the project was initially worth Tk 2,967 crore which has letter revised down to Tk 2,765 crore. Of the amount, the HSBC Bank supplied approximate by over Tk 1,585 crore and the rest came from government. This satellite will immensely contribute to the countries digital advancement. At present Bangladesh is spending annually more than 14 million on satellite rain to ensure connect connective connectivity of the TV, radio, telephone and internet. So this satellite will make Bangladesh self reliant and Bangladesh will also earn more foreign currency by Broadcasting service. Some sectors like telemedicine, e-Learning , e- research, video conference, defence and disturb management system will be improved for this satellite. The country’s remote parts like -haors, costal are as and deep sea- zone will also have impressive internet connectivity. It will also be helpful for distance learning treatment and improvement of weather forecast facilities. So the people of Bangladesh are quite hopeful for getting the promised facilities from this satellite.


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