Food Adulteration Paragraph.

Food Adulteration

Food Adulteration means and addition of another substance to a food item in raw from, which may cause itlos the loss of actual quality of food or may cause the poisoning in the food. These substances may be other available food item or non-food item like Chemicals and non-edible colour. Undoubtedly food Adulteration is a heinous crime. Some unscrupulous businessman are responsible for the heinous crime. They want to thrive on others miseries. So, food Adulteration is being done. Basically they mix harmful Chemicals with food to make it look attractive. Sometimes they mix Chemicals with food to keep them fresh for a long time. Formalin, a harmful chemicals, is put on fish to protect them from being rotten. Vicious and safe levels of banned pesticides hassas DDT, Aldrin, chlordane and Heptachlor are used in milk, milk products, fruits and vegetables. The impact of such Food Adulteration is very shocking for the whole nation. People eating adulterated food suffer from fatal disease like cancer, kidney failure and heart problems. It’s like slow poisoning. Consumption of these adulterated foods for a long time may lead to death of huge people. So, Food Adulteration should be controlled immediately. The government should pass food safety act to stop Food Adulteration. Besides, exemplary punishment should be ensured for the violation of the food safety act.



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